"Ownership with accountability & responsibility"

Sahil Singh

Software Engineer

Software Engineer
About me

Seasoned Backend Software Engineer with nearly 4 years of expertise in developing and enhancing distributed systems for scalability and fault tolerance.

Known for a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, I bring a soldier’s mindset to problem-solving, coupled with a passion for innovative solutions in software development.

In my professional journey, I’ve navigated through diverse projects, offering a playground for growth and continuous learning. Armed with a battle-tested tech stack—Java, Spring Boot, distributed architecture, SQL & NoSQL databases, Messaging queues, Docker & CI/CD—I’ve honed my skills.

Beyond coding and business development, I find joy in pushing my physical limits. Whether it’s conquering complex code or lifting weights in the gym, I thrive on challenges. If you’re ever in need of a workout buddy, I’m your go-to guy. Just a heads up, though—brace yourself for pushing it to the limits!

What I do

Backend Development

Hire me as a backend software engineer, and leverage my strong foundation in scalable system design, proficiency in multiple programming languages, and commitment to continuous learning, ensuring the development of robust and efficient backend solutions for your organization/project.


If you need someone to innovative efficient solutions, coupled with strong analytical and communication skills that ensure successful collaboration with clients and effective problem-solving in dynamic project environments, I will be happy to take up the task.


Visually appealing and functionally robust websites elevate user experience and drive business growth. Hire me as a WordPress & Shopify developer to leverage my expertise and grow your business online.


My Experience

12/2023 - Present

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Software Development Engineer II

Revamping and jazzing up the current account journey for Kotak Mahindra Bank! On a mission to deliver a seamless and delight-packed user experience. Banking experience like never before! 🚀💰 #BankingRevolution

04/2022 - 08/2023

Airtel X Labs (Bharti Airtel)

Software Engineer (BE)

As a member of the backend team, I have been instrumental in developing the Airtel Work platform (an in-house SAAS platform) that has revolutionised the way the workforce and order flow are managed. Enabling users to work efficiently & earn more!💰

08/2020 - 04/2022

AuthBridge Research Services 

Software Associate

Developed APIs for e-Signing that enabled clients to securely sign digital documents. Successfully developed the back-end for ICICI InstaFx, an innovative financial application.